Opportunity Scholarship Fund
I would like for everyone involved with Hillsdale Christian School to take two minutes of your time and go to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund website.  They provide scholarships to low income students who attend participating private schools (HCS is one of them).  Oklahoma gives a very generous tax credit for these donations.

In most cases you will receive all or nearly all of your donation back in the form of a tax credit.  Hillsdale Christian School benefits by being able to offer these scholarships to children who otherwise may not be able to attend our school.  

Please follow these simple steps:
1.  Go to osfkids.org
2.  Click on the "Donate" tab at the top. (This will not obligate you to donate.)
3.  There are then four questions to be answered.  I suggest you choose the two year commitment, so that you can get the 75% tax credit.
4.  Once the questions are answered, you will know how much out of pocket expense this donation, if you decide to proceed, will cost you.  

I can tell you from my own experience last year that this all worked just as they said it would.  I did the two year commitment, and with the 75% tax credit and the deduction of the donation on my federal return, I actually came out a little ahead.  You basically give the money anytime this year and get all or most of it back on April 15th next year.   More importantly, you receive the satisfaction of knowing you helped a kid get a great Christian education!

If you have friends or relatives, or even know someone who owns a business who may be interested, please forward this on to them.  

Thank you for your time, 

Jeff Hoffsommer

Please continue to pray for God's guidance and blessing as our school grows. Our plan is to add classrooms, a cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, and offices to accommodate seventh and eighth grade. If you would like to donate, click the donate button below or for more information call the school. 

Scholarship Opportunities Available!! 

​(See "Tuition Assistance" page)


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